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PSS IP and / or Patented Technology

  • PARSEP Steel Belt Dryers
  • Medium Wave Infrared Radiation
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  • Linear Screens
    • For plastic cloths (wet screening)
    • steel belts (wet screening)
    • steel belts (dry screening)
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  • Stainless Linear Belt Screens
    • For Stainless steel belts (dry screening)
    • For Stainless steel belts (wet screening)
  • Rotaspiral Drum Screens
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  • Channel Screens
  • Stainless Belts (Wet Screening)
  • Pansep Screens
  • Horizontal Belt Filters
  • Horizontal Belt Filters with Medium Wave Infrared Radiation
  • Steel Belt Filters
    Fines Agglomeration
  • Screw Extruders
  • Pipe Pin Mixers
    Bio Solids Processing
  • Lapeda Process
  • Latrine and Sludge works
  • Bio Solids dehydration and pasteurisation plant
  • Processed Sludge pasteurisation
  • Latrine Sludge processing and pasteurisation
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  • To view the Ladepa data click here
    Build Own and Operate

    mineral fines processing, Iron Ore, Coal, Chromium and Manganese fines agglomeration,

    binding and curing process.


    We offer build, Own and Operate fines processing and drying plant.

    Foundry Sands Recovery and Recycling

    The most recent technology development is the patented sands recovery process.

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