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January 2012

USA – Illinois University to receive a Parsep Dryer for test work


Parsepco a joint PSS – Fisher Technologies Company from Canada has ordered a coal fines processing pilot plant which will be on display at the Lexington Coal Processing Conference, the Pilot plant is to be supplied to the Illinois University for test work purposes.




PSS displays the new Parsep drying technology on the Lexington – Parsepco Stand


PSS supplied a R1.2 million fine coal drying plant to Parsepco which was displayed at the annual Lexington Coal Conference and show.


The plant comprised of one Parsep dryer SBD 250 with 4 x 3.7 kW MIR arrays a pin mixer and screw extruder to agglomerate coal fines for the drying process.

The plant which covered 2 stands generated a lot of interest for coal fines processing applications.
After the show the entire plant was supplied to the University of Southern Illinois (SIU) in Carbondale for testing and fine coal technology development.

The conference and show resulted in the signing of new technology developments






February 2012

PSS presents technology in the Far East/Madagascar


Rein Buisman presented several technologies of PSS Intellectual Property to Ambatovy, (coal drying) in Madagascar.

In a separate venture to Indonesia and Taiwan PSS technology was promoted to Coal, Kaolin, and Silica Carbide processing ventures. Ladepa technology for sludge processing was also promoted.





March 2012

Exxaro orders a fine coal Parsep drying pilot plant


The plant ordered from PSS comprised of a pin mixer, screw extruder and Parsep drying plant.

The pilot plant is to be used to find a solution to the fine coal tailings disposal problem.







April 2012

Vale – Brazil engages PSS to develop and test a new Iron Ore tailings dewatering technology as well as fines beneficiation test work.


Following a presentation by Rein Buisman in Brazil – Belo Horizonte, Vale has engaged PSS to assist with Iron Ore fines dewatering technology. The technology involves a variety of filtration techniques in combination with Ladepa extrusion technology.  

The development is aimed at producing a Geo Stabilized product for – inclined Landfill as opposed to use slimes dams.  

In a second development more test work is to be undertaken to reduce drying costs of Iron Ore granules and pellets.



May 2012

Goldfields orders more Linear Screens from PSS



Goldfields Ghana ordered 2 more 15 m² Parsep design Linear Screens for one of their Gold plants.

The screens raising the number of Parsep Linear Screens in the plant to 4 which utilize the new pneumatic take up and light weight cloth support rollers.


The screens are of bolted design and each screen fit in a 40 ft container semi assembled and are re assembled on site.

Delivery from date of order is was 5 months ex works.


May 2012

AngloGold Ashanti changes Linear Screen to PSS design


Anglo Gold Ashanti in Ghana orders a complete plant Linear Screen retrofit and modification to pneumatic take up, a PSS in house development.


The retrofit renders the screen cloths shorter and replaces the tail frame with a large diameter pulley and pneumatic take up frame.

The modification was ordered to reduce the screen cloth creasing and screen cloth consumption.

As part of the supply PSS introduced the new light weight cloth support rollers.

The new rollers are of unique patented design and weigh 30 % of the conventional steel roller weight. The new roller weight is 10 kg/m length as compared to the conventional 30 kg/m length.


June 2012

Anglo American – Kumba Iron Ore and Sishen Iron Ore Company (SIOC) enter into a development and commercialisation agreement with PSS.


The agreement which beneficiates Iron Ore Fines aims to develop a new technology which economically recovers Iron Ore Fines.



June 2012

Anglo American – Kumba Iron Ore and Sishen Iron Ore mine order a 2nd large scale pilot plant from PSS


The contract is for the supply of granulation technology and Parsep™ curing technology as developed by the first pilot plant facility.


The plant is to be delivered by end October (4 month delivery) and will be subjected to production runs to lie the basis for a full scale fines to Iron Ore product production plant.


The plant to be supplied includes fines pre-treatment plant Eirich, granulation and Parsep curing technology.





July 2012

PSS presents technology in Chile.


The presentations given by Rein Buisman were well received and resulted in several test projects to be undertaken.
Copper concentrate drying and Ladepa technology were of particular interest and a representation agreement was concluded with HAC LTDA.





July 2012

Harmony No 1 Gold Plant orders 6 x 6 m² Linear Screens


PSS received the order for 6 x 6 m² Linear Screens to replace the ageing 6 m² Linear screens.


The new PSS design rendered the Screens 0.5 m lower and introduced the pneumatic design to Harmony Gold Mine.




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