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Blogging articles

January 2011

Zimplats orders a Converter Matte Dryer from PSS


Zimplats ordered a Converter Matter dryer to dry 5 tph from 8 – 10 % moisture to dry prior to bagging and transport to South Africa for further processing.

The supply was a turnkey exercise, including feed conveyors, dryer, product conveyors, product bin and weigh scale with timed opening and closing valves.

The dryer has 8 x 48 kW arrays installed, 384 kW total – cost of drying ± 60 kW/tonne.








March 2011

Mozambique: Marrapino Tantalum Mine orders 2 Parsep Filter Dryers


PPM – Paradigm Projects Management (PPM) contracted by Marrapino selected the Parsep Filter Dryer Technology as developed by PSS.

Tantalum fines are directly pumped to 2 Parsep Filters where the fines are dewatered using a vacuum pump and barometric leg.


The fines are then dried using 180 kW MIR Arrays on the same machine. This is a first for PSS whereby one machine both filters and dries the product.


The plant is scheduled to start up in May 2012.







April 2011

PSS Technologies receives a Turnkey order for a zero effluent tailing plant



PSS has been awarded the Turnkey contract to manufacture and supply a zero effluent plant whereby the scrubber effluent is recycled. The solids are recycled to feedstock and clean water recycled to the scrubber.


The process includes thickening, filtration, extrusion and drying.


The effluent was traditionally disposed of to tailings but due to high PH and high cyanide content this practise was undesirable and stopped.

The PSS supply is a world’s first using a filtration step with Medium Wave Infrared Radiation on a horizontal belt filter to get a resultant filter cake which can be extruded onto a Parsep Dryer.


Using the patented Ladepa™. Technology the extruded Calcium Carbide is dried and cyanide destroyed using high temperatures Medium Infrared Radiation on a steel belt under vacuum.


The filtrate is treated to reduce the cyanide and using water softening prior to reuse in the scrubber plant.


The entire plant is supplied in a record of 6 months delivery schedule and 1 months to being erected and commissioned from date of order.







October 2011

Coal fines processing agreement


PSS and Exxaro’s Grootgeluk Coal Mine entered into a development agreement to produce Char briquettes from coal fines which are too fine for Char production.

The development uses a special binder technology to produce a briquette equal/similar in characteristics than the char currently supplied to the industry.




November 2011

Bolivia: Apogee Silver Mine orders a Rotaspiral Screen


Apogee Silver Mine in Bolivia ordered a Rotaspiral trash screen from PSS.
The screen is to be delivered in February 2012




November 2011

Iron Ore Fines Beneficiation Agreement


Horizontal Belt Filter

PSS, Kumba, Anglo American and the Sishen Iron Ore Company (SIOC) entered into a development agreement to process Iron Ore

fines for the Steel making industry.


The binder technology patented jointly by Anglo American Corporation and PSS is set to recover mineral fines and turn them into valuable agglomerations which are hard, waterproof and have Pyro-metallurgical properties suitable for further processing.


The agreement accompanies an order for pilot plant equipment, Parsep dryer, pin granulator and extruder.



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