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Blogging articles

January 2010

Russia – CETCO Kagadarskiy Mine orders 2 more Parsep Linear Screens

Horizontal Belt Filter

Kagadarskiy Mine ordered 2 x 2 m² Linear Screens from PSS.

Both screens are to operate in a Calcine circuit; the screens are fitted with Steel belts to accept the 60 ºC – 80 ºC feed slurry from an autoclave.



February 2010

Lesotho – Gem Diamonds Mothae Mine orders diamond concentrate dryer


Parsep Dryer 1

Mothae Mine ordered a 300 kg/h diamond concentrate dryer from PSS.

The dryer is fitted with 45 kW MIR and was commissioned in June 2010.




February 2010

DRC – Metorex – Ruashi Mine orders 2 massive dryers to dry 6 tph Cobalt Hydroxide Cake from PSS.

Ruashi Copper Mine in the DRC purchased 2 large dryers from PSS.

The dryers are fitted with 18 x 108 kW MIR arrays.

The Cobalt Hydroxide cake, at 70 % water 30 %Solids from the filter presses are chopped smaller using a chopper to break up the filter cake prior to drying.

The drying process reduces the moisture to around 30 % water and 70 % solids.

The moisture reduction is required to reduce road transport to South Africa for further processing.



Filter cake feed 6 – 8 tons per hour




Cobalt Hydroxide Drying 30 % solids to 85 %





July 2010

Bio Minerale orders 540 kW Calcium Phosphate dryer.


The dryer was supplied in January 2011 and required a complete re-design of the feed system.

The material being extremely sticky and changes characteristics with time which required a unique feed system.

The feed system enables loading with a front end loader, a lump chopping machine which feeds directly onto the steel belt.

Feed is 5 tph @ 14 % moisture reduced to a product of -5 % moisture while drying takes place at 120 – 140 ºC








September 2010

Russia – CETCO Mayskoe Mine ordered 1 x 6 m² Parsep Screen from PSS


Mayskoe Mine in Russia ordered 1 x 6 m² Parsep Linear screen for trash screening.

The screen was re-designed to fit in a 40 ft container. The screen cleared the sides of the container by 25 mm and was delivered fully assembled.





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