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    Screening and Drying Technologies

    The use of Filtration, Screening and Drying Technologies

    Filtration, screening and drying technologies can be used in different industries. Some of the most diverse industrial applications make use of these technologies. Refining metallurgical and mineral substances represents the inorganic application. Dealing with human bio-waste, excreta and effluent as a need for sanitation represents the organic application of these technologies. A way in which the organic problem is addressed by making use of drying technologies can be found in Parsep’s LaDePa (Latrine Dehydration and Pasteurisation) proces.

    The focus is on the organic application of drying technologies for the purposes of sanitation.

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    Wet Screening: Linear or Rotaspiral Screens?

    PSS supplies both the Rotaspiral and Linear Screens with their own unique features:

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    January 2012

    USA – Illinois University to receive a Parsep Dryer for test work


    Parsepco a joint PSS – Fisher Technologies Company from Canada has ordered a coal fines processing pilot plant which will be on display at the Lexington Coal Processing Conference, the Pilot plant is to be supplied to the Illinois University for test work purposes.


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    January 2011

    Zimplats orders a Converter Matte Dryer from PSS

    Zimplats ordered a Converter Matter dryer to dry 5 tph from 8 – 10 % moisture to dry prior to bagging and transport to South Africa for further processing.

    The supply was a turnkey exercise, including feed conveyors, dryer, product conveyors, product bin and weigh scale with timed opening and closing valves.

    The dryer has 8 x 48 kW arrays installed, 384 kW total – cost of drying ± 60 kW/tonne.

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    January 2010

    Russia – CETCO Kagadarskiy Mine orders 2 more Parsep Linear Screens

    Kagadarskiy Mine ordered 2 x 2 m² Linear Screens from PSS.

    Both screens are to operate in a Calcine circuit; the screens are fitted with Steel belts to accept the 60 ºC – 80 ºC feed slurry from an autoclave.

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    June 2007 - March 2009

    Russia –CETCO Peninsula Tails – Apatit Mine orders 1 x 12 m ² Parsep Linear Screen

    Apatit Mine ordered a 12 m² Parsep Screen from PSS to screen trash in Gold Plant mill circuit slurry.

    The screen was delivered semi – assembled in a 40 ft container. The bolted design was assembled, installed and commissioned in 4 days on site after delivery.

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